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Stealth Recovery & Towing

Stealth Recovery & Towing is a full-service towing facility. Our service is out of sight! Providing 24/7 towing, recovery and roadside assistance, we are the best in the industry. Manning this fleet are a team of seasoned towing experts, in uniform. We’re equipped with modern tools and ready to handle most tows. We offer scheduled vehicle transport and 24/7 emergency towing. Count on us to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently. All our drivers have undergone drug testing and thorough background checks. We are prepared to quickly respond to accidents and can recover your vehicle from extraordinary circumstances. From both of our centrally located offices in Eugene and Albany, we serve the Central Willamette Valley and surrounding areas throughout Oregon.

29850 Kelso St. Eugene, OR 97402





Unfortunately I had to get my Mustang towed through ford. Russell at Stealth Towing made sure I was informed of exactly what was going on, and it's good he did because ford in their all infinite wisdom were originally sending him to the wrong address, and his process got him on scene in less than 20 minutes. Thank you Stealth!

Stealth towing came to rescue us when no one else would. They ended up hiking up the steepest hill in Eugene in snow and ice to get our battery jumped. I have never seen someone go the extra mile like that. You guys are the best!!!
Bryn R.
Quick arrival after another towing company failed to show, super fast hookup, & friendly service. Give Tony and the people at Stealth Recovery & Towing a call when you need a tow, you won't go wrong.
Patrick S.

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